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Childbirth in Warsaw

The maternity ward admission procedure


We invite you from the 32nd week of pregnancy. We are not able to accept earlier deliveries in Solec Hospital.


Patients who do not speak Polish or English are asked to be accompanied with a person who communicates in one of these languages.

Maternity reception room without waiting

The maternity ward is located on the third floor, where a spacious and clearly visible marked lift reaches directly from the parking lot. Use a bell to call a midwife who enters you to the reception room and takes care of everything. The mother undergoes proper medical examination and clinical history is obtained.

This is one of the many advantages of an intimate maternity unit - there is no queue at the waiting room and medical staff is always available.

Every patient during delivery (after the 32nd week of pregnancy) will be accepted.

We do not send back women in labour!



About vehicles

In the event of childbirth, you can drive your car to the inner courtyard of the hospital, from where there is an easy access to the maternity ward (an elevator marked with the words Położnicza Izba Przyjęć). Once the future mother has setteled in the labour room and feels safe, we kindly ask you to park the car outside the facility.









- registration (remember to take necessary documents with you)

- CTG reading



- medical history and examination



- discussing your delivery plan or prepering one with midwife

- discussing methods of anesthesia you prefer



- right after birth skin to skin contact for two hours

- the first feeding takes place during this time



- midwifery and nursing care

- learning of feeding and newborn care (rooming-in system)



- according to standard - two days after natural childbirth or three days in case of caesarean section

- the discharged documantaion includes instructions of postnatal care